For students

If you are student at any gymnasium, college or vocational school (beyond the 9th or 10th grade of basic school) you can apply for a student apartment.


You can collect the application from the Koy Kajaanin Pietari office. You can also apply for an apartment at Housing -> Applying for an apartment. Your application is valid for a period of three (3) months at a time and you can renew it by making a phone call to our Housing Officers.


Familiarize yourself with the points at Applying for a Student Apartment.

Apartment offer

An apartment offer will be send by mail or email once we have found you an apartment. Please check your junkmail folder too in case the message has been directed there.


Your apartment will be confirmed once you have paid the deposit by the due date. Note that the offer will be cancelled if the payment has not been made in time.


Tenant needs to pay a deposit that will be returned after moving out if the tenant has dutifully maintained the apartment during the lease period. The deposit is apartment specific. If the tenant wishes to change the apartment he has to pay the deposit for the new apartment.  Old apartment's deposit payment will be returned after the final inspection.

Deposit is not meant to be used as the last month’s rent after the termination of the lease contract.

Changing the Apartment

The tenant wishing to change the apartment needs to know that you have to live at your current apartment as least one semester.

Living in our apartments

As a tenant of KOy Kajaanin Pietari all tenants commit to obey our company's rules and to take good care of the apartment and keys. Please note that in a shared apartment all tenants are responsible to keep the shared areas in good order.

Termination notice

Lease agreement must be terminated with a written termination notice according to the termination time. Please note that termination time goes always until the last day of the following month. If needed tenant can choose extra days from the following month. For example: termination notice is made 1.-31.3. -> lease agreement ends 30.4. or later (for example 20.5.).


Please note that termination time is regulated according to the Act on Residential Lease (Finnish law). There won't be any exceptions to the termination time.