Notice of termination

The lease may be terminated with a one (1) month notice from the tenant or with a three (3) month notice from the lessor or with a six (6) month notice from the lessor in over 1 year long lessor-tenant relationships.


Term of notice is one calendar month.The notice period shall be calculated from last day of the calendar month in which the notice was given in writing. This means that all lease agreements terminated during this month will end in the end of the next month. The moving date is the last day of lease contract.

You can terminate your lease by a written notice available at the Koy Kajaanin Pietari office. The notice has to be made in writing (you cannot terminate a lease by calling or emailing). The notice is available at the bottom of the page. You can print the form and send it by mail, fax or as a scanned attachement (with signature) via email (to kiinteistosihteeri(a)

Termination notice has to be given verifiably by the last day of the month (for example post stamp). If you send the form by mail we advise you to call our office once the form is sent.

Married and common law couples must both terminate the lease if they are both moving out. If only one spouse is moving out the person moving out must terminate his or her lease. The person staying in the apartment must apply the apartment to his/her own name and make a new lease agreement!

Moving Out

The apartment must be empty and cleaned and all keys returned to our office by the last day of the lease agreement. You must order the final inspection from your area's janitor once you have emptied and cleaned your apartment.

Janitor will make a pre-inspection once the termination notice is give to make sure that the apartment can be rented to a new tenant.

Remember when moving out:

  • To terminate your lease in a timely manner. Moving notice does not suffice as a termination notice.
  • Terminate the electricity contract. See further details at Electricity in the Housing Guide.
  • Prepare the moving notice with Kajaanin Pietari office and return all the keys. Any missing keys or a possible lock change will be the tenant’s responsibility to pay for.
  • Prepare an official Moving notice with the City Administrative Court. See further details at the Moving in the Housing Guide.
  • Prepare the Moving notice at the Post Office.
  • Ensure that all the bills and other fees have been paid.
  • Clean the apartment so that the new tenant does not have to start with a master cleaning operation. See further instruction about the final inspection cleaning here.


Notice of termination