If you have any questions regarding how to apply for an apartment please send an email to housing officer:

Anne Määttä (available until July 10th)
Arja Keränen (available staring July 13th)

Selections for the student apartments are made according to the day of need – i.e. if the need for the apartment is from August, the selection will be made in July etc. This is why we do not yet know in June/July what the situation will be like in September and we cannot reserve apartments in advance.

Please note that there are a limited number of available apartments and we cannot guarantee an apartment for every applicant. For example, there are only a few studio apartments available.

Apartment offers will be sent via email. Please make sure to check your spam folder! There are no photos of the apartments available, only the floor plans on our website (vacant apartments/all properties.)

The deposit needs to be paid by the given deadline or the apartment offer will be removed.

The keys can be picked up from our office once the lease agreement is valid. Note that the lease agreement must be signed first. Our office is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30-15.00.