TOIMISTO CLOSED 30.3.-31.5.2020

Our office is closed 30.3.-31.5.2020.

Call or send an email to agree on an appointment:

Lease agreement, termination notices, keys 08 61552069, 08 61552070
Rent payment 08 615 52071, 08 61552072
Apartment applications 08 615 52066, 08 61552067

Please contact us via phone or email in non-urgent matters. Thank you!


You can return your keys in an envolope with your name and address to the mail box on the 4th floor (Linnankatu 18 A). Call us if you wish to visit our office (08 615 52091).

You can leave your keys on the kitchen table if you agree it with the janitor once you inform them on the final inspection.


You can make the termination notice at our office or send it by email. Termination notice must be made in writing. When you make the notice by 31.3.2020 your lease agreemen will end on 30.4.2020.

Print, fill in and sign the termination notice form and send it by email to Call an appointment if you wish to visit our office (08 615 52091). If you don't need help with the termination notice, please return the form tho the mail box at the 4th floor. Forms are available next to the mail box.
Please contact us if needed!