Ketunpolku 5 A - F, Palokangas

General Information 

There are 2-storey-blocks of flats at the property where there are shared apartments with 5-rooms and a shared kitchen, rent 315 €/month/person. A fee of 10 €/month will be added to the rent for the weekly cleaning (shared areas) and Internet. Electricity and water are included in the rent.

Rooms are furnished (bed, mattress, desk, chair, cabinet and own fridge in every room).

Additionally there are two 75 m2 3-rooms with kitchen and sauna townhomes, rent 750 €/month + electricity 31 e€/month, and one 56,50 m2 2-rooms with kitchen apartment, rent 565 €/mont + electricity 31 €/month.

The water and electricity is included in the rent in the shared apartments. In the larger family apartments the water is included  in the rent  and the electricity charge amount is checked twice a year.

There is a separate bicycle storage at the area. Separate storage rooms are located in C-stairway, reservations from our office (5 €/mont). Laundry room is located at the end of F-building, right next to sauna facilities. Waching machine works by phone (about 2 €/wash).

These shared apartments are mainly intented for foreign exchange and degree students.

Janitor of the property

Riitta Heikkinen, tel. 050 568 1200.