Lohtajankatu 5, Puistola

General information

There is a 4-storey-apartment block at the property.


There are 3 rooms and kitchen shared flats where each bedroom is the size of 64,5 m2, single room flats sizes 30,5 - 31,5 m2, single room studio apartments size 42,5 m2 and 2-room-apartments sizes 42,5 m2 and 52,0 m2.


All the 3 rooms and kitchen shared flats are furnished (bed, desk, chair and wardrobe in each room and a dining table and chairs in the kitchen). Note that there is no mattress in the bed (80 cm), you have to get it yourself. Single room and 2-room apartment units are unfurnished. 


The rent in the 3 rooms and kitchen shared flats includes water and electricity.  Single room and 2-room apartments must have separate contract made with the electricity supplier.


Lohtajankatu 3-7 laundry facility can be found in this property.


Janitor the property

Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj, tel. 050 385 0426