Lohtaja - Purola Tenant Committee

Members in 2020:

• Salonen Eero Chairman, tel. +358 50 5314036
• Palaste Mikko, Vice Chairman
• Korhonen Tarja secretary / housekeeper
• Kyllönen Eila
• Heikkinen Sirpa
• Rönkkö Jaani
• Juntunen Heidi
• Istala Kari


For years, the residents of the Lohtaja-Purola area have focused on activities aimed at activating residents as well as adapting residents with an immigrant background and eliminating prejudices.

Our actions:
• yard workshops to be held in the spring, which will improve the cleanliness of the common areas and yards of the houses together with the residents of the area
• joint residents' events designed to bring about interaction between the indigenous population and immigrants. The porridge festival of these events in December, where different food cultures meet, has gained great popularity.
• yard inspections in the autumn, where residents have the opportunity to receive the region's development goals in next year's budget
• barbecue sheds in the courtyards of the houses for the use of residents, the key can be asked by Juntunen, Menninkäisentie 2 A 3 or Korhonen Menninkäisentie 2 B 13

• sports activities; Menninkäisentie 2 club room gym for residents to use. The key will be handed over by Tarja Korhonen, tel. +358 45 6522138 and Jaani Rönkkö, tel. +358 50 5883720

Kankurintie 2 club rooms have a pool table and the key will be handed over by Jaani Rönkkö. The use of intoxicants is prohibited on the premises.

• in the bowling alley, the bowling shift on Thursdays from 5 pm to 6 pm, deductible 5 €. Inquiries / registrations Jaani Rönkkö, tel. +358 50 5883720 no later than Wednesday at 12 noon. A deductible of € 5 will be charged for irrevocable time.

Through these measures, the Residents' Committee seeks to increase the influence and equality of residents and to eliminate prejudices towards neighbors. We hope that everyone who wants to develop their own housing through the work of the residents' committee will get in touch and present their own development ideas. Only together can we develop and improve our own residential area!