How to Apply

The required attachments have to be supplied prior to the signing of the lease contract.

Student apartment offer will be sent by email. Please check your junkmail box since the offer email may be listed as junkmail (noreply-address). This problem has been noted especially in Gmail and Hotmail accounts.


Required attachments

Send all attachments by email to or bring them to our office.

Students must supply:

  • Student Certificate or acceptance letter from the school/institution (not from new Exchange and Degree students).

Other Applicants: Proof of monthly income (mandatory)

  • employed; salary certificate or last salary account statement
  • pensioner; proof of gross retirement pension
  • unemployed, vocational rehabilitation participant; Kela’s or trade union’s certificate of paid daily allowances
  • entrepreneurs; last income statement and balance sheet and entrepreneur’s earnings statement
  • newly employed locally; certificate of employment from the new employer including the salary to be paid
  • maternity or child home care allowance recipient; decision on the daily allowance/support to be received

Tax Certificate (mandatory) Certificate of taxes paid for the last taxation period from everyone over 18 years of age moving to the apartment.

Statement of properties owned (mandatory) If you own or have owned an apartment or a property fully or partially during the past five years you need to provide a statement of its current value (ie. contract of sale) and a statement of any liens on the property.

Notice / eviction Copy of a written notice / eviction Homeless must clarify where you have been residing and how have you become homeless. Immigrant Proof of residency (residence permit)

Other Appendixes:

  • proof of pregnancy
  • if the applicant feels that his physical condition affects his need for the particular apartment he should supply doctor’s proof stating his condition
  • proof of the unsuitable condition of the current residence (health inspector’s statement, demolition notice)

There is a deposit for the apartment that has to be paid prior to the signing of the lease agreement.
Deposit payments starting from 1.1.2015

  • one room 400 €
  • two rooms 600 €
  • three rooms 750 €
  • four rooms 900 €
  • shared apartment room 330 €

If you are a customer of KELA social assistance, you can apply deposit from KELA. Make the application and take all papers needed to KELA immediately when you receive the apartment offer. We will not wait for the deposit payment if you don't take care of the application on time! The voucher (maksusitoumuspäätös) must be delivered to our office by the due date of the deposit payment or the apartment offer will be cancelled! More information from KELA.

Apartment Application is valid for 3 Months at a time The applicant himself is responsible for keeping his application valid (the application can be validated via a phone call). We do not process incomplete applications.

We check the credit history of each applicant. If the applicant owes any amount to Oy Kajaanin Pietari or to any other rental Property Company the applicant has to pay off the debt prior to being assignment an apartment.

I am applying for an apartment

by myself
jointly with my spouse/common law spouse
for myself and for persons
for myself, my spouse/common law spouse and for persons
student apartment by myself
student apartment (two applicants)