Applying for a Student-Apartment

You can collect the application from Koy Kajaanin Pietari Office. You can also fill out and send the application at Housing –> How to Apply page at our web pages.

You should not apply for a Student Apartment before you have received a confirmation of your studentship from your institution as your application will not be processed until that confirmation. When applying please make sure to fill out whether you are seeking a shared apartment, one-bedroom apartment or a family apartment.

Please Note! During the summer the applications are processed on need basis once a week. Unfortunately due to the summer holidays we are not able to answer your phone call or email inquiries about your application status. We will send a written offer by email immediately once there is an available apartment.


If you are applying via the web pages you will be provided with an automated list of the required appendixes. You need to supply the additional appendixes via mail or fax prior to the signing of the lease agreement. Please note that no lease agreement will be signed without the appendixes (proof of studentship, acceptance notice)! The following appendixes are mandatory with your application:

  1. Notice of the studentship at the institution detailing when the studies have started and the estimated graduation date.
  2. Acceptance notice from the institution for the new students.
  3. Other possible family members (ie. the spouse of the student) applying with the student must supply their income- and tax statements.

If you have already applied via the web pages and wish to make changes to your application do not fill another application but inform the changes to the Housing Officers via a phone call or email. If you are applying for a shared apartment with your friend both of you need to fill out an application form. Add your friend’s name with whom you wish to live with in the additional information field on the application.